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Aluminum vacuum chamber

Htc vacuum, the premier manufacturer of aluminum vacuum chambers, manufactures welded aluminum vacuum chambers for high vacuum(UV) and ultra-high vacuum (UHV) applications.

Aluminum vacuum chambers have excellent ultra high vacuum (UHV) properties and for most applications aluminum is a superior UHV vacuum chamber material.

Use a vacuum chamber made of aluminum alloys provides several advantages over stainless steel. Some of the benefits include lower material cost, lighter weight, faster machining, high thermal conductivity, low nuclear activation, low magnetic permeability, and low carbon.


Aluminum vacuum chamber for customized

Htc vacuum provide Aluminum vacuum chamber

Need a custom vacuum chamber

Htc vacuum has extensive custom application of vacuum chambers and professional R&D teams and according to the customer drawings in making vacuum chambers. Satisfying our customers with the highest quality custom vacuum chambers and cost effective.

Contact us and send the drawing for more information on vacuum chambers or other Htc vacuum chambers need components.

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