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Bell jar vacuum chamber

A bell jar vacuum chamber is a piece of laboratory equipment used to contain vacuum. It is similar in shape to a bell, and can be manufactured from a variety of materials (ranging from glass to different types of metals). Bell jars are generally used for classroom demonstrations or by hobbyists, when only a relatively low-quality vacuum is required. Cutting-edge research that needs an ultra high vacuum requires a more sophisticated form of vacuum chamber. However, several tests may be completed in a chamber with an effective pump and low leak rate.

The Htc vacuum Bell Jars chambers are designed to be used with flat Baseplates, Base Wells and Feedthrough Collars, all the above pieces are made of stainless steel. The number and size of ports, type of flanges, view port, Oring material and surface finish option are available upon request.

Bell jar vacuum chamber for customized

Htc vacuum provide Bell jar vacuum chamber
Htc vacuum provide Bell jar vacuum chamber

Need a custom vacuum chamber

Htc vacuum has extensive custom application of vacuum chambers and professional R&D teams and according to the customer drawings in making vacuum chambers. Satisfying our customers with the highest quality custom vacuum chambers and cost effective.

Contact us and send the drawing for more information on vacuum chambers or other Htc vacuum chambers need components.

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