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Cylindrical chamber assemblies

Cylindrical vacuum chambers can be fabricated from standard vacuum fittings tube and pipe, or custom diameter vacuum components. Vacuum tube and vacuum fitting pipe wall thickness will be according to the diameter and schedule selected. Htc vacuum build custom industrial vacuum chambers employing cylindrical configurations, or combinations thereof.

Htc vacuum is the world leader in vacuum chamber assemblies manufacturer and supplier. With over 17 years experience in cylindrical chamber assemblies industrial vacuum product design, we pride ourselves in providing the world's finest and most advanced UHV cylindrical vacuum chambers technology.

Htc vacuum also manufacture and supply a wide range of industrial vacuum components and vacuum accessory hardware to complement our cylindrical vacuum chamber products offering. Vacuum flanges and vacuum fittings, vacuum bellows as well as sapphire vacuum viewports are available used in cylindrical vacuum chamber.

Customized cylindrical vacuum chambers are exported in many European countries, United States, Israel, Russia, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Asia and Africa in worldwide, provide vacuum chamber system solutions to global challenges.

Cylindrical vacuum chamber case

Cylindrical & Spherical vacuum chamber
Cylindrical & Spherical vacuum chamber for your request
Cylindrical vacuum chamber
customized cylindrical chamber
Htc vacuum customized cylindrical vacuum chamber for your request
Htc vacuum customized cylindrical vacuum chamber assemblies for your request
Customized cylindrical vacuum chamber for your request

Need a custom vacuum chamber

Htc vacuum has extensive custom application of high vacuum(HV) and Ultra high vacuum(UHV) chambers and professional R&D teams and according to the customer drawings in making HV and UHV vacuum chambers. Satisfying our customers with the highest quality custom vacuum chambers and cost effective.

Contact us and send the drawing for more information on vacuum chambers or other Htc vacuum chambers need components.

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