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Vacuum Module & System

The vacuum module and its variants for some materials in some vacuum-deposited on an area of the substrate, the substrate comprises three dimensional pieces, with the aim of its front surface a multilayer coating film, and the vacuum module can be used in vacuum systems.

Htc vacuum complies with the customer’s requirements to proceed the design of the customized modules. The module will be assembled and tested by Htc.

The customized modules usually integrate the vacuum chamber, frame, vacuum pump, vacuum piping, and control system. The fuction of modules could be vacuum exhaust, substrate degassing, or products inspection in vacuum environment etc. Htc vacuum is able to supply a module tailored to customer's specifications.

The advantages of Htc for vacuum chambers :

  1. Htc vacuum has the extensive exprience in vacuum industry.
  2. Stock vacuum components, such as flanges, fittings and valves, are ready for chamber manufacturing.
  3. Excellent machining ability and enough space for chamber manufacturing. Plate cutting, machining, welding, cleaning, assembly, and leak test all can be done in house.
  4. Pumping system is all set for chamber pumping and leak testing, and Htc's own pump service teams can offer any assist in case.

Vacuum Module System for customized

Htc vacuum provide Vacuum Module SystemHtc vacuum provide Vacuum Module SystemHtc vacuum provide Vacuum Module System

Need a custom vacuum chamber

Htc vacuum has extensive custom application of vacuum chambers and professional R&D teams and according to the customer drawings in making vacuum chambers. Satisfying our customers with the highest quality custom vacuum chambers and cost effective.

Larger or special size available upon request, contact us with your specific requirements. Please provide your requests or drawings to contact us, we will contact with you soon.

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